Binding Ptokax (Win GUI) to a specifig NIC or IP Adress


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Binding Ptokax (Win GUI) to a specifig NIC or IP Adress

Started by HtHNightwolf, 13 November, 2016, 15:39:28

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Hello Guys,

I have just finished setting up a server for multiple services. Some of these have their own NIC and IP adress.

All of these Programms I could successfully bind to a specific IP but Ptokax keeps ignoring me. My DC++ HUB is all over all available IP Adresses :(
I thought "IPv4Address   =" would do the trick bit apparently it does not.
Could you give any advice please?


When IPv6 address is empty, then it means to use all ip addresses. And when dual stack for tcp/ip is available (windows vista and higher) then it cause to use all available ip addreses on both ipv6 and ipv4.
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Oh, okay?!

Thanks. Does that mean I simply have to enter an IPv6 adress?
I am not firm with IPv6 yef. Doesnt it change from time to time? Does it have to be one that my NIC actually possesses?

Can I enter the localhost IPv6 equivalent?


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