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own commands

Started by ?Tr??T_????, 21 July, 2005, 00:32:24

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how do i do my own commands like:


I know how to..... :D



Ok, using ptokax as I need to allow RMDC++ clients --- :)

I would like to be able to change my scripts to follow the following methodology...
function CheckBanIP(user,data)


function FilterCommand(user,data)


tblCommands = {
   ["!ban"] = function(user,data) CheckBanIP(user,data) end,
   ["!banip"] = function(user,data) CheckBanIP(user,data) end,
   ["!addreguser"] = function(user,data) FilterCommand(user,data) end,
   ["!delreguser"] = function(user,data) FilterCommand(user,data) end


function DataArrival(user, data)
   local s, e, sCommand = strfind(data, "^(%S+)";
   if sCommand and tblCommands[sCommand] then
      local returndata = tblCommands[sCommand](user,data);

problem being is that the script does not run (even if I change toe strfind to a string.find

also want to be able to specify tblCommands[sCommand] (optional variables here)

how do I do that ???

many thanks
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Well, that seems like zrightclicker in lua4, that said, just have a look at it, maybe it can help you .
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