Save data in table


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Save data in table

Started by sphinx_spb, 29 October, 2007, 18:51:22

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My script saves users' info in table, i.e.

   US[sUser.sIP].lastonline ="%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S");

and so on, 10 fields total. Data changes each second, because users are join/part.
Now i need save table in file.

That's how it's done for now.
But because file grows big, i want to save it each 10 minutes or so.
How to add my data in temp table and THEN to write it in a file?


Then another question, the script can have only one Ontimer function?
Because my script already have it:

function OnTimer()
	for i=1, TableMaxSize(TimersTable) do
		TimersTable[i].count = TimersTable[i].count + 1
		if TimersTable[i].count > TimersTable[i].trig then

And several timers also already exist.

PS I'm using Px with old api here. And of course, I have pruning function, without it file becomes huge and hub is stuck :)

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