DiXBoT News [20.12.2011]


29 December 2022 - PtokaX (20th anniversary edition) released...
11 April 2017 - PtokaX released...
8 April 2015 Anti child and anti pedo pr0n scripts are not allowed anymore on this board!
28 September 2015 - PtokaX for Windows 10 IoT released...
3 September 2015 - PtokaX released...
16 August 2015 - PtokaX released...
1 August 2015 - Crowdfunding for ADC protocol support in PtokaX ended. Clearly nobody want ADC support...
30 June 2015 - PtokaX released...
30 April 2015 Crowdfunding for ADC protocol support in PtokaX
26 April 2015 New support hub!
20 February 2015 - PtokaX released...
13 April 2014 - PtokaX released...
23 March 2014 - PtokaX testing version build 454 is available.
04 March 2014 - PtokaX.org sites were temporary down because of DDOS attacks and issues with hosting service provider.

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DiXBoT News [20.12.2011]

Started by Snooze, 02 October, 2009, 21:14:09

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Hi guys,

I have started a new hub with the purpuse of coding/testing a Redirect Array(*1) and a Client Detect Module(*2) for DiXBoT.

*1 Redirect Array is a hub with the single(*) purpuse of redirecting users to an array (network) of hubs based on users share/slots/hubs etc.
 The idea of this Redirect Array is to make it as instelligent as possible: Auto detect shanges to hub rules; Auto re-order hubs; Auto-detect online/offline etc.

*2 Client Detect will allow you to allow/disallow users in your hub based on client version. 
This will not be detecting faking clients, though keep your hub clean of unwanted clients as much as possible based on known tell-tell signs,

Coding will start tomorrow, 15th of July.

Should you wish to support the efforts of this DiXBoT initative, please redirect your unwanted/banned users to demo.dixbot.com:1212




Nice :D

Get the client cracker back?


Started posting a little about each of the many many modules in DiXBoT.. Please help me by posting your own stories under each entry :)



Good news folks! The DiXBoT project is still very much alive!!! :-)

To help you guys follow the development, I've gone live on Twitter - that's right ... you can now follow the development and my personal notes about anything DiXBoT, PtokaX, LUA and anything Hub-related directly on Twitter :-)
Just search for 'dixbot' in your fav. Twitter application and follow me :-)

We've just released a nice update to DiXBoT's Blocker module - but this is only the start .. I've been working hard on making DiXBoT faster and smoother than any other full scale AIO script!!! Next up is a brand new update feature to make your lifes much easier AND give you many new options on how you want to use DiXBoT :-)

Future releases of DiXBoT will include:

  • DiXBoT Script only
  • DiXBoT + PtokaX - aka Ready 2 Run
  • DiXBoT Lite - a PtokaX remote manager only
.. and i might have a few secrets comming in late ;-)

Stay tuned :-)



Yo guys,

Marry X-Max and Happy New Year  to all the Guys running DiXBoT out there :-)

Just to let you know that this project isnt dead just yet :-)

As you know, I spend my limited time to re-coding the structure around updating/downloading/installing new modules in Dixie .. and I'm making some cool progress including the new deployment/build structure of modules and the update check + backup/rollback feature ..

Though - now it's time to just enjoy the Holidays and kick back :-)



Even though Im not running DiXBoT, thanx for the wishes. Have a great time and see you next year ;)

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