PtokaX BOT sharing it's own files.


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PtokaX BOT sharing it's own files.

Started by MorriesAUS, 19 July, 2021, 02:54:22

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Good day, I've tried to find this in the forum without any luck. Please refer me to a link if I might have missed it.

I'm running PtokaX on an Ubuntu server, this same server has a large amount of data I would like to share. I was wondering if the dummy PtokaX bot user can also share this content. I don't really want to install another DC client on the same server.

I also just use the console mode on the server. So I'm not looking for a GUI solution. Is there an easy way to setup folders that can be shared from PtokaX or the bot user itself?


There was a "commandline" dc client in the past, maybe microdc?... I used it on linux to share on my hub.

UP: Yes, on FreeBSD it is available as microdc2. Search for it with apt...

microdc2> connect
Connecting to hub on
Connected to hub from
Nick accepted. You are now logged in.
Hub name is FreeBSD Teszt.
Public: <HubBot> This hub is running PtokaX DC Hub (UpTime: 0 days, 2 hours, 19 minutes / Users: 1)
Public: <HubBot> Welcome to PtokaX
Public: <HubBot> or use "this way" to quote something...
microdc2> say Hello world!
Public: <microdc2> Hello world!
microdc2> transfers
Upload slots: 0/3  Download slots: 0/unlimited
Public: <[TD]Ella> First rule of Janine club is you do not talk about Janine club.
Public: <[Elf]Janine> Shut up Ella you stupid bitch!
microdc2> share ~/Downloads
~/Downloads: Cannot get file status - No such file or directory
microdc2> share /usr/home/atag/Downloads
Sharing 47095793159 bytes (44GiB) totally
microdc2> set listenaddr
Listening address set to
microdc2> set listenport 65410
User ATAG is also passive. Cannot communicate.
Sharing 47095793159 bytes (44GiB) totally
microdc2> set active on
Listening on
Public: <[TD]Storm> So, who wants to buy an elfgirl a drink?
User ATAG quits.
User from connected.
User connection `unknown1' renamed to `ATAG|'.
User connection `ATAG|' renamed to `ATAG|UL'.
User ATAG|UL: Ignoring $ADCGET flags: DB0
ATAG: Starting upload of `files.xml.bz2' (79309 bytes).
ATAG: Upload of `files.xml.bz2' succeeded (transfer complete). 78KiB transferred in 0s (78KiB/s).

Use help and set commands for details...

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