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Title: PtokaX released...
Post by: PPK on 20 February, 2015, 13:37:48
New PtokaX is here.

Win32 GUI with Lua 5.3.0 (
Win64 GUI with Lua 5.3.0 (
Win32 service/console with Lua 5.3.0 (
Win64 service/console with Lua 5.3.0 (

Win32 GUI with Lua 5.1.5 (
Win64 GUI with Lua 5.1.5 (
Win32 service/console with Lua 5.1.5 (
Win64 service/console with Lua 5.1.5 (

UniX source (was tested on Linux/FreeBSD) (

Quote from: Full changelog...
Added: install part to makefile including setcap allowing PtokaX to listen on ports below 1024 without running as privileged user (require capabilities support, libcap2-bin in debian).
Added: and to default hublist register addresses.
Added: init script for *nix.
Added: Port validity checking in commands to disallow exploit that can be used to ddos in dc++ core.
Added: Tables with definitions for SetMan booleans, numbers and strings identificators.
Added: Table with definitions for ProfMan permissions identificators.
Fixed: User profile is set after correct password is received to disable possible exploit in scripts (thx Alexey for report).
Fixed: Missing hub bot key after nick change when opchat have same nick.
Fixed: Possible crash on closing some gui windows (thx Alex82 for report).
Fixed: Directory/file permissions on *nix.
Fixed: Partial IP was shown as wrong when IPv6 user without IPv4 connection sent IPv4 address in command (thx Mank for report).
Fixed: Possible crash when new throw exception on memory failure.
Fixed: Few possible issues found by PVS studio (thx Pavel Pimenov for report).
Fixed: Memory access outside array in script editor window on load/save (thx Pavel Pimenov for report).
Fixed: User who was allowed to kick can ban and tempban user without permissions for ban and tempban (thx Alexey for report).
Fixed: Range ban and range temp ban command was not working for IPv6 addresses longer than 15 characters (thx Alexey for report).
Fixed: Few possible memory leaks when memory allocation fail.
Fixed: On !rangeban command when range was already banned was sent wrong second message (thx Alexey for report).
Fixed: Active search character counting for ipv6 request when ip is very short.
Other: Some minor performance improvements.