Author Topic: Anyonbody with a perl scripting background and some spare time ?  (Read 1749 times)

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i came across this ...   <- info

a OMRPG where players do absolutely nothing exept log-in and be Idle (chatting even gives you penalty)

it's written in Perl as a IRC bot/plugin ...

it looks like it would not be too hard for somebody with both perl and lua knowledge to make a LUA PX version..
lots of the script would even be unneccassery ( since this script acts as a client )

i know nothing about perl but it's fun "not playing" this game...
would be interesting to have a option to change the penalty for chatting into a penalty for not chatting..
making people have to say somthing in main  once every 1 hour to not be set penelized :p

if i thought i could .. i would ..
but i dont think i can make time to do this myself ... and i know F all about Perl scripting...
Code: [Select]
# irpg bot v3.1.2 by jotun,, et al. See
# Some code within this file was written by authors other than myself. As such,
# distributing this code or distributing modified versions of this code is
# strictly prohibited without written authorization from the authors. Contact
# Please note that this may change (at any time, no less) if
# authorization for distribution is given by patch submitters.
# As a side note, patches submitted for this project are automatically taken to
# be freely distributable and modifiable for any use, public or private, though
# I make no claim to ownership; original copyrights will be retained.. except as
# I've just stated.  <- source
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