How to update HUB scripts and settings retaining the old data.


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How to update HUB scripts and settings retaining the old data.

Started by Jaxx89, 07 July, 2010, 19:05:01

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Ok I know I haven't quite out the question in a proper way.

I started hosting a hub using ptokax and a bunch of scripts and my own settings
I have hardly any users on my hub as of now.

Now my friend wants me to host his hub too and has given me his HUB folder with all his scripts, settings, user database etc.
My friends hub uses a few old scripts like Levianthan 4.0 Freshstuff 2.59

What I want to know is that how do I update all of the scripts in his hub and add the ones I want to use retaining all of his user data(registered users, share info, recordbot info, requests and releases info)


There is no straight forward way of doing that. Each script maintains its own settings which might not be compatible with newer versions. Your only way is to assess each script individually and see if its data can be used with newer versions or perhaps ask its authors to help with the migration. Your only other option would be to add those records manually after after you update the scripts.
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thanks man
I kinda expected that.....
lets see if I can work something out
thanks once again

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