***Ideas for the next version,,


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***Ideas for the next version,,

Started by Guibs, 31 October, 2003, 03:32:55

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This is the place about,.... :)

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ok here i go:
-kick notification,like:
user has been kicked 1 times
user has been kicked 2 times
-chatchannel where ops/vips can invite people
-i dont know if this cannot be done,...but you are a master scripter so here goes....
have a main channelbot file with all the regular commands kick, ban, slots,....ect ect...but also have some smaller "addon" scripts for the extra features,
like user info (i loved that feature in CB4.X)
like chatchannel
like voting board
like games WARGAME lolol that is a good one.
and like other database driven features
for the users that dont have much cpu and memory to allocate to the hub,....(i run it on a seperate cpu)...so i can run these features....
you can have the main file:
they can all be loaded at the hub start and then unloaded to save cpu with
!unload votingboard....
!unload userinfo...
i dont know if this cannot be done, im not a scripter but i am a long time channelbot user and i love it.
Whaddaya think....


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QuoteOriginally posted by Guibs
done :)

WOW  8o
all of it

i never got what i wanted before
must be christmas!!!!.....YAAAYY :D


Hi Guibs,


* Ban?s visible in main chat.

* !loadpoll all  : runing all the polls, sending one at a time.

* multichat to connect channelbot network hub (tricky one :) )

* ?mytime : doesn?t allways work, total and average time per connection info would be great to users.

* the possibility to turn sharecheck off

* stats = command to se how many username count/ip-> count succesfully in/not entered/ and redirected.

* redirect to more than 1 address for exp 30 minutes to each

* Yes the !f Guibs, I love your Wargame

* Correct-IP-V.1 for Active users by c h i l l e r

* Nick Already taken fix V.1 (the small one)

*  Min search caracters for passive users

* Gag script by Guibs (Great script! Restart scripts is needed after register a nick, the only but!)

* a temban ip/nick command to make easier temp bans, with a default define time for tban in settings.

* prevent dc++ 0.24 and later versions from entering the hub with only one H: field (ppl use NMDC like this : <++ V:0.25,M:A,H:4,S:3> passing as DC++)

and that?s all I remember for now. :o)



yo ez, can we av these in nxt release plz :-D

+report          - report a rule breaker to all admins
+fake               - display possible fakers
+downloadgag             - adds a ip to the downloadgag.dat
+scanhub               - scans the hub for badfiles
safe :-p
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o yea n users dont get kicked wen they advertise..... they get the message sayin they gonna b kicked but nothing happens....same with the slot checker n bandwidth!
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QuoteOriginally posted by Technics
yo ez, can we av these in nxt release plz :-D

+report          - report a rule breaker to all admins
+fake               - display possible fakers
+downloadgag             - adds a ip to the downloadgag.dat
+scanhub               - scans the hub for badfiles
safe :-p

+downloadgag             - adds a ip to the downloadgag.dat

would be a nice one  :P


Rewrite the code, it's too hard :P
Please sorry my bad english, i'm learning it :-D

\\100Gb ][ MeGaShArE @ I?? - ?u?i?N Owner [/I]
100gb.ifs-fusion.net:666 Only EliTe ShArE min 100gb
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+downloadgag - adds a ip to the downloadgag.dat

bout this one its possible to gag also from the user nick?in portugal the ip's are always changing


Hi there,,

Rewrite the code, it's too hard  < mostly done,, ;)

Nedvev,, ;)
Too many ideas,,.... lol
I will see what i can add,,...

Nice ideas too,...
+fake & +scanhub < i think those one are not needed,...  checks are also done while the user has changed his share/slots, etc...

Hmm,, about > +downloadgag  <... is it really funny, ? ... i'm quite afraid about 'abusive usage' with this kind of commands,....


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well im currently runnin a script with all them commands.....why i want em but i miss channel bot...so the command wit my new scripts in channel bot would b dream cum true...if not...bye channel bot......make way 4 UT Software V2.0

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!reg Register a bot (a botname in the userlist)
!unreg Unregister a bot (leave the name in the userlist)
!bt Make the bot Speak
 And possibility for usage the bot without name in userlist, value On/Off "nick for the entire botname"
Please sorry my bad english, i'm learning it :-D

\\100Gb ][ MeGaShArE @ I?? - ?u?i?N Owner [/I]
100gb.ifs-fusion.net:666 Only EliTe ShArE min 100gb
-={ I?? - ?u?i?N }=- N??Owner


o yea n them "checks" dont work....y i want the +findfake or wateva u wanna call it...cos with channel bot it allows TO MANY FAKE USERS...... it just cant catch em...n i love the "ur bein kicked 4 (advertisin, bandwidth, slots wateva) it dont WORK...... tells em wat its doin but thats bout all it does do.....

i see channel bot dying :-(

Fix up!
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i to everybody because you don't do a great channel bot  
also for the last version of ptokax it is with a lot of things in more.... (the things to be put some that I cannot tell you her me... they know you)  
Do you him.....  
Porca La poverty

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whats it ?    ?(



If possible could you add welcome messages for other user level please.

1 for user
1 for newbie
1 for reg
1 for VIP
and 1 for all all others.

It would be nice to greet new users with the rules and info about !regme or ?reg

but, when they are newbie to have a different greeting, maybe no rules and other info.

This could just be in a txt file for each level.... the same as messageonconnectuser.eng.txt and messageonconnectop.eng.txt

Thank you and thanks for a excellent Hub Bot.


Creator of
www hubstats

Thanks to Plop, Kepp and NightLitch


I am thinking about a download block.

There are two ideas:

1-) A forbbiden nick download list: When a user is included in that list he can't download any file from anybody.

2-) Security by level: If user has the level set in settings.dat or above, he can download any file from anybody.

What do you think Guibs?


I saw a very good function in Mean_Machine (other all_in_one script).
A IP block based on PeerGuardian IP list. It's easy to put in Channelbot because Mean_Machine has the algorithm ready to copy and paste :)


yeP AC i think  this is already implented  :D


QuoteOriginally posted by Av.?
yeP AC i think  this is already implented  :D
:D   :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D
 8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)


Hi there,

I have an idea for the next version or should I say change? anyway... with the !gag command users should stay gagged if they relogin & the script makes a gaglist who can be shown to ops with gag time of the users..

Just an idea... would be nice if u can do that for me..

THX & Greez Event_Horizon
Greez ????_H???z??

??/v\\ \'?\' ?@?? ???? is Secured by RoboCop? Created by Optimus?


Hi guys -

I can't wait for the new version to come out :)  

I just had a suggestion for it... it would be really handy to have a ?wassup command for use in #Opchat , so that Ops who join a conversation late can get caught up.

I don't know if its possible, but its something to think about.

Thanks for the great work Guibs and the rest of you who have helped.

As Ever,


hmm.. how bout something like +albums +singles to show the hub users what is new... it wud be very good to add that.. most hubs like to have this aswel. and instead of editing a txt file to add new listings.. make commands such as +addalbum +addsingle... +delsingle +delalbum freshstuff does a bit on this but their are faults in places.. hope this aint a hard thing to do lol... but it wud be very helpful  :))  :))  :))

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