Ascii-Talk (new api)

Ascii-Talk (new api)

Started by UwV, 12 November, 2007, 20:37:01

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-=Ascii-Talk=- for 3.0.6i NEW API
--// Idea taken from aDe's SAY SCRIPT, many thx //--

--// ASCII TALK  0.3 //--

	V 0.3i -        UwV          nov. 13 2007   @ 00:58:05 
	    changed to new px api

	V 0.2 -   15/11/2006:	    
		Added more SingleWords support (second argument), check file (UwV)
		Fixed linebreaks this time...
		Changed UserCommands, deleted submenu for single words
	V 0.1  -  7/11/2006:
		Changed Ascii File Layout
		Added Support for Emotions, Phrases
		Added SingleWord support and SingleWordFile (UwV)
		Optimised Loading of Fonts
		Fixed linebreaks, can now be used in all commands
		Added [name] support in Single Words
		Added formatmode for Single Words
		Made Tabstops and linbreaks c conform e.g. \n, \t
		Added SingleWord Menu Support (UwV)


--// All Fonts optimised for Microssoft Sans Serif Size 8
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hello, a few weeks ago i start to try the new hubsoft ptokax 4.12 with dx bot included. For weeks the script runs good, but now, i didn`t change anything, but after a reboot i got this message: asciitalk_i.lua:388: attempt to index local 'file' (a nil value). It`s still vissible in the hubtab but is not working anymore, can somebody help me out? thx already


Oke, but what can i do about it? In the scriptfolder where the ascii folder is, there are 4 txt files where the fonts are, they are not missing there. But if i delete the "old" script, and i replace it for the original, still the same error.


I deleted the script and ascii folder complete and replaced it for the original, but still the same. The script and ascii folder are in my script folder. It worked for a few weeks here but after reboot my pc it started to crash. But when ptokax check the script it says no errors, but when i start the script i got this error.


thx Mutor, it runs perfect again, i go and make a backup of the script. Thank you verry verry much, bless ;)


Can you write another one for all users include unregistered users.
Appreciate a lots  ;)



Quote from: Mutor on 04 October, 2010, 19:10:19
There is already an option in the script.Set this to 0

But.. when I change the value to 0, an error occur

[16:14] Syntax C:\PtokaX0412\scripts\asciitalk_i.lua:400: unfinished string near '"? )'

And ya.. I was using Ptolax


Quote from: Mutor on 05 October, 2010, 16:02:38
That error is coincidental and unrelated to that setting.
Let's wait for the author to reply, as is proper protocol.

While I generally agree with that protocol, I'm not so sure its valid for (ex-)scripters(absent) like me and probably Jiten. Which have pretty much "retired" and will probably never update or even check the forum for a long time.

In these cases I think it is better for other people(scripters) to post patches or updates.

Anyway it depends on the authors, in my case at least you have my permission to mod or update or even rewrite any of my scripts.
Assuming they even exist anymore or are even used.

Ignorance is Bliss.


Quote from: Mutor on 06 October, 2010, 23:35:45
It's difficult at best, to know who is active on the board or not.
Aside from I think it best to give authors a fair opportunity to
reply, I'm not a fan of modding the work of others. Rather, I'd
prefer to rewrite my own. That provided I have interest in same.

Indeed, I was just commenting on the fact that waiting is not always the best option. Besides, a quick fix is not really a "mod" its more like a tiny patch(in some cases). Anyway I was just stating it for the sake of helping those who might never get a response from the "scripter".

Personally, I don't even think my scripts are used so that's a "moot" point.
Ignorance is Bliss.

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