Tutorial for setting up PtokaX on a LAN


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Tutorial for setting up PtokaX on a LAN

Started by adaykin, 05 September, 2007, 19:05:19

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hey I was wondering if there was a tutorial for setting up PtokaX on a LAN with Strong DC++, and how to set up myself as an admin. As for the PtoxaX panel I was wondering about the Network Tab. At the bottom there is a field called "hublist register address." What is supposed to go there? Also how do you make a webpage for people to register on the hub? Thanks,



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Thanks. I have a question that I didn't find on the wiki. Do I have to make the webpage for people to register at? If so, can the url be something like localhost/registerForMyHub.php


ok so how would I provide a setup for people to register on my LAN if it's not through a web page? I am at a college campus, and would like everyone in the dorms to be able to have some way to register.


yeah it would be nice since PHP(especially) and Perl are so smooth for working with databases, logins, web forms, etc. Is there any tutorial for how to setup the login on the hub? I still am having some trouble with the setup.

The way I understand what you are saying about the login on the hub is that someone will download the hub from a site that has strong dc++, install it, and then when the hub program is stared they will have to register.

But if the login is on the hub what should the settings for the Hub Address and Register Hub Address be?


By forwarding ports do you mean unblocking them by your firewall?

I tried connecting to Strong DC++ after I started PtokaX but I got an error message:
[19:59:02] <Hub_Security_Bot> You are being redirected to {my IP Address}
[19:59:02] *** Redirect request received to a hub that's already connected
[19:59:02] *** Disconnected
[20:00:04] *** Connecting to {my IP Address}...
[20:00:05] *** No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
[20:02:57] *** Connecting to {my IP Address}...

Where exactly in Strong DC++ will people register for the hub? Is it by their Nick they choose in the settings?
Also what should I put in the connection settings for StrongDC++?

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