Rincewind's Anagrams v2.0.0 Lua 5.1 API2 Edition

Rincewind's Anagrams v2.0.0 Lua 5.1 API2 Edition

Started by Rincewind, 27 March, 2008, 19:40:37

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Here for download is Rincewind's Anagrams v2.0.0 Lua 5.1 API2 Edition cut from Rincewind's Grimoire v5.0.0 Lua 5.1 API2 Edition

• near total rewrite of script and GUI
• added option to play Anagrams in PM


Both Numbers & Anagrams Rocks  ;D

Thanks a lot for API 2 Versions I ve been waiting for stand alones


A little help required with rightclicks I wish to use custom right clicks
This is what I used to use in settings file with older version of Anagrams & Numbers
function LoadRightClick(user)
    user:SendData("$UserCommand 0 3 |")
        user:SendData("$UserCommand 1 3 Games\\Anagrams\\Start$<%[mynick]> "..tGeneral.sPrefix..
        user:SendData("$UserCommand 1 3 Games\\Anagrams\\Stop$<%[mynick]> "..tGeneral.sPrefix..
        user:SendData("$UserCommand 1 3 Games\\Anagrams\\Scores$<%[mynick]> "..tGeneral.sPrefix..

can u tell me how do I get similar results with API 2 Anagrams(as well as Numbers coz same pattern goes for both)


You can change the right click menu on the Languages ] Right Click form and the commands can be changed on the Languages ] Commands form.

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