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Updates to DiXBoT

Started by Snooze, 08 September, 2007, 00:26:42

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Hey Guys,

I'll use this thread to keep you guys up-to-date on updates.. starting with this one:

Info: This Update is from Build 2442 to Build 2463

DiXBoT v1.1 Build 2463 (07.07.07)
? Added            : Module WordReplacer
? Added            : Module Russian Roulette
? Improved       : Changed some stuff in AutoUpdate


A short description of the new modules can be found here

Update: 2463 to 2464

Hey Guys,

Last night I created a small update fixing two issues that just couldn't wait.

1) A older version of smtp.lua in libs.(Important)
2) Missing ID in Request/Release Module (Thanks Butch)

The first were spawning errors in mainchat, so really wanted to get this out of the way asap ;-)

Read More..
Update 2464 to 2466

Here we go again - Yet another nice update comming your way :)

First the Devlog:
DiXBoT v1.1 Build 2466 (07.21.07)
? Added : SQLite support (Will be used in future updates)
? Added : Module Texter
? Added : Module DxbBackup
? Added : Module DxbTrans (used to Translate DiXBoT Modules)
? Fixed : Typo in Greeting Module when using !announce command
? Fixed : Bug in !remail (Mailbox) (Thanks GMC)
? Fixed : Typo in Russian Roulette Shoot Rightclick
? Improved : Userlevels in Account Prune settings were not showed in correct order.

As you can  see, this update includes 3 new Modules, SQLite support and a few fixes. It actualy has a lot more fixes in it, but I just couldn't remember them all.
What?s going on with DiXBoT?

So, scripting for PtokaX has really slowed down while we're waiting for the new version of PtokaX and the next API coming with it.

This doesn't mean that nothing is happening behind the scene!

While we're all waiting for this new version, I've been working hard on making DiXBoT ready for not just the new API, but a real rewrite of most of the Core Functions of DiXBoT....
Read more..


Hey Guys,

The code is almost finished and is now being tested in two upper-midsized hubs (!600 users+ and 900 users+).

As about 30% of the code has been changed/updated for this update, I expect a few bugs. These hubs should help clean out those bugs :D
If you feel that you MUST run this beta version, please contact me in the DiXBoT Demo Hub.

A proper Demo Build will be posted in a few days for everyone to test..

If you feel an urge to be on-the-edge, I'm also going to allow everyone to opt. in on the Beta Builds by choosing the Beta Update Mirror.

Stats from the demohub with 900+ users:
Current stats:
Version: PtokaX DC Hub built on May 11 2007 22:19:08
Uptime: 0 days, 0 hours, 13 minutes
Users (Max/Actual Peak (Max Peak)/Logged): 2000 / 917 (995) / 903
Users shared size: 20548737643960 Bytes / 18.69 TB
Chat messages: 21 x
Unknown commands: 2052 x
PM commands: 0 x
Key commands: 1068 x
Supports commands: 1146 x
MyINFO commands: 2527 x
ValidateNick commands: 1159 x
GetINFO commands: 0 x
Password commands: 8 x
Version commands: 1034 x
GetNickList commands: 1056 x
Search commands: 1817 x (0 x)
SR commands: 0 x
CTM commands: 649 x (0 x)
RevCTM commands: 812 x
BotINFO commands: 0 x
Close commands: 0 x
CPU usage (60 sec avg): 7.38%
CPU time: 0:23:51
Mem usage (Peak): 14.15 MB (23.16 MB)
VM size (Peak): 12.64 MB (23.61 MB)
SendRests (Peak): 1 (16)
RecvRests (Peak): 0 (2)
Compression saved: 12.83 MB (650)
Data sent: 46.70 MB
Data received: 628.89 kB
Tx (60 sec avg): 1.05 kB/s (19.92 kB/s)
Rx (60 sec avg): 585 B/s (579 B/s)

Running @ demo.dixbot.com:1209


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