Simple command blocker per Profile


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Simple command blocker per Profile

Started by the-master, 19 December, 2014, 13:51:32

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To block users for using req/rel part of DixbiT I created a small script but it can be used for any command.
ProfNotAllow={  -- profilelist
	[-1]=1, -- unregistered users
	[3]=1,  -- Regs

Block={ -- commands to block

function ChatArrival(user,data)
	local _,_,msg = data:find( "%b<> (.+)")
	local _,_,cmd = data:find( "^%b<> (%p%a+)")
	local _,_,arg = data:find( "^%b<> %p%a+ (%S+)|")
	if (ProfNotAllow[user.iProfile]==1) then
		if Check(cmd) then
		Core.SendToUser(user,"***Command  "..cmd.." Is Not allowed for your Profile")
			return true

function Check(cmd)
	for i = 1,#Block do
		if string.find( cmd, Block[i] , 1 , true ) then
			return 1

P.S. This script should run in PtokaX ABOVE all scripts or at least above the script it needs to block commands .
keep on sharing :)


Why is script needed for that when it is possible to set in dixbot ?  :shocking:
"Most of you are familiar with the virtues of a programmer. There are three, of course: laziness, impatience, and hubris." - Larry Wall


Because we didn't have the DxMngr at that time, but it can be used for any command to block..
Not all hubowners are scripters to  :'(
keep on sharing :)

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