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HOW-TO : Write your own Bot = Lesson 1

Started by pHaTTy, 12 October, 2003, 15:42:49

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Thx for the help Naithif

Quote from: Naithif on 13 November, 2006, 07:57:44
My guess would be that more people read these here than in the wiki

Yup even I agree to this :)
Thanking You,




Quote from: Naithif on 13 November, 2006, 07:01:20
rank = GetProfileName(user.iProfile)
if rank == nil then rank = "User"; user:SendData(Bot,"Welcome "..rank.." "..user.sName)
else user:SendData(Bot,"Welcome "..rank.." User "..user.sName); end

or like this:
user:SendData(Bot,"Welcome "..(GetProfileName(user.iProfile) or "User").." "..user.sName)
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Nice idea :D
I could have shorten it too (not this much though :D), but he asked for "Reg User" and this extension should go only to Reg and VIP


And wat code to show Welcome Operator speedX or Master speedX?
Thanking You,



You can use any of them

rank = GetProfileName(user.iProfile)
user:SendData(Bot,"Welcome "..rank.." "..user.sName)

(No chance for nil because operator on login can't be user :D)

C??o?y??'s code is good as he pasted it there above
user:SendData(Bot,"Welcome "..(GetProfileName(user.iProfile) or "User").." "..user.sName)


is tat possible to add color in words if yes then in this script some error

[21:21] Syntax ... and Settings\SWAGAT.JAGIRDAR\Desktop\New Folder (3)\scripts\welcome.lua:15: ']' expected near '='

Bot = "1st"

function NewUserConnected(user)

SendToAll(Bot,"Welcome our new guest "..user.sName..", enyot your stay")


function OpConnected(user)

SendToAll(Bot,"Welcome our Op "..user.sName.. " hope he enjoys his stay")



no you cannot add colors by scripting
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Hi does anyone know how I can get into the chat room?

Thank you

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