PtokaX Remote Administration v2.11 released

PtokaX Remote Administration v2.11 released

Started by Thor, 23 August, 2008, 15:33:56

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After a few days I got tons of bugreports, now almost all has been fixed. This version is now a stable version.
Linux version
Windows version
Bugreports still welcomed :-)


[17:26] <unknown> (IP) > $Supports NoGetINFO NoHello QuickList |
[17:26] <unknown> IP) > $Key t??? A ????0?? ?!??21C???R!?P??e?a?0q?p|
[17:26] <unknown> (IP) > $MyINFO $ALL BOT <++ V:0.707,M:A,H:0/0/1,S:10>$ $LAN(T3)$$100000000000$|
[17:26] BOT (IP) > $MyPass pass|
[17:26] BOT (IP) > $GET 0|
[17:26] BOT (IP) > $GET 1|
[17:26] BOT (IP) > $GET 2|
[17:26] BOT (IP) > $GET 3|
[17:26] BOT (IP) > $GET 4|
[17:26] BOT (IP) > $GET 5|
[17:26] BOT (IP) > $GET 6|
[17:26] BOT (IP) > $GET 7|

IP: my Wan ip to the server ....

But get nofing into the ptokax remote admin client :( only join...

PRA: 2.11

help .... Thanks :D


Please re-download the application again - it has a weird bug which I didn't find, but it has been fixed a day after the release :) Now I know just one bug: unbanning from rightclick may cause crash, it's also fixed (but not released yet). I'll release the new version soon with a new feature: Adding new ban and modifying ban as in Px GUI.

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