Ptokax Remote Admin under Linux?

Ptokax Remote Admin under Linux?

Started by swordfischer, 08 November, 2010, 22:38:35

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I'm running PtokaX under Gentoo Linux (x86) - I've installed lua/luasocket/luafilesystem and placed PtokaX_Remote_Admin.lua in my PtokaX scripts directory.

When trying to run the script I get this message:
*** Error, script PtokaX_Remote_Admin.lua start failed.

What can I have missed?


You should check the scripts.log file in the logs folder, what it writes. But I bet you forgot to install PxLFS, and the loading fails on require()


*  dev-lua/luafilesystem
      Latest version available: 1.4.1
      Latest version installed: 1.4.1
I have Lua FileSystem installed, also, I do not have such a log file. Any further help would be appreciated.

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