Standarize $LOCK


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Standarize $LOCK

Started by Hades, 24 January, 2014, 18:34:23

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Is there a chance for PPK to change PtokaX $LOCK EXTENDEDPROTOCOL to this format?


Would save lots of drama when hublist pinger tries to indentify hubsoft version from welcome message (currently) to get PtokaX version - and here if for example someone uses russian language - ping goes nuts and leaves as version undetected?

Hopefully thats not a lot of work....

Here is example what is going on with all current ptokax versions:

[ 11:01:02 ][ --> ]$Lock EXTENDEDPROTOCOL;D@9\BK5SyW]L1G2S[wp=ca]0N2nix Pk=PtokaX
[ 11:01:02 ][ <-- ]$Supports NoGetINFO NoHello BotINFO|
[ 11:01:02 ][ <-- ]$Key ÑÀ° A ѱ±ÀÀ0w÷@—Váçf¢â ×gW€ÂpÔå ÃÖçÇÅp|
[ 11:01:02 ][ <-- ]$ValidateNick [xxxx]Pinger|
[ 11:01:02 ][ --> ]$HubName XXXXXX XXXXXX - Ìîÿ ñòàíöèÿ - Çâåçäíàÿ
[ 11:01:02 ][ --> ]<Ã'Ã"ÌÀÍÍÎÃ'Ã'Ãœ> Ýòîò õàá ðàáîòàåò ïîä óïðàâëåíèåì PtokaX DC Hub (Ã,ðåìÿ ðàáîòû: 245 äíåé, 21 ÷àñîâ, 31 ìèíóò / Þçåðû: 8315)

As u can see version is there but surrounded with nonsence that preg_match wont be able to do...


I don't see any good reason to change...
Random lock from NeoModus Direct Connect Hub 1.0.25: $Lock MR4E>5w%rY')AmyMKYQRr>WQam<W?pqwlYx&vX<ZuVl]rdJqC13)tKH2Imp*';+Asms<rZYATNlVHC)XQa9W45cXwZB Pk=*>WcRp:oy/rwdvEm|
Random lock from Direct Connect Hub Software Version 2.0: $Lock aqpcjfrtesyywvinrsxkaykbwiubuqnewcsiewbmqdpmodeywccteejnybnjwx Pk=dhsimueltjlhbwurwdvlkkeqhgiyu|
"Most of you are familiar with the virtues of a programmer. There are three, of course: laziness, impatience, and hubris." - Larry Wall


Yeah back in the days there was only one hub software :P
Now we have around 30 or more hub softs -  each one has unique $lock now for pinger to recognize each one correctly - each has to be different.
Verlihub is best at it:

$Lock EXTENDEDPROTOCOL_verlihub Pk=version0.9.8e-r2  plain simple and to the point and no problems ever.
$Lock EXTENDEDPROTOCOL_FLEXHUB_MULTIPROTOCOL_AGO6 Pk=version0.2   also simple and to the point

Ptokax and ynhub have no soft version in $lock at all.
I means would be nice if Pk was for soft version not soft name thats all.
That way any php pinger would have soft nane from 1st lock part and soft version from PK=  because now pinger has addictional function to look at this: This hub is running ptokax (pregmatch)
and if someone changes language  this hub is running becomes something else - hope u understand - i dont know how to explain it better.
It wont hurt your soft and will make it easier to support in any hublist.


Hub software version have nothing to do with hublist. PtokaX is supporting hublist register server. PtokaX is supporting botinfo/hubinfo. So supporting PtokaX on hublist is very simply, because is used standard protocol.
"Most of you are familiar with the virtues of a programmer. There are three, of course: laziness, impatience, and hubris." - Larry Wall


OK nevermind.... i did a temp fix for now - seems to be working.

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