Old Noob Needs Help


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Old Noob Needs Help

Started by woollarding, 25 September, 2023, 18:15:53

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Hello everyone.. hope someone still checks this place.

I am trying to set up a hub to use with friends, and it's been a long time since i hosted one of these. Most things are working and coming back to me but im getting an error i remember but cannot recall how to fix this and searching isn't helping much so maybe someone here will be able to assist.

I have my client on one computer and the hub on another. When i log in with my DC client it says

[11:52:06] <PtokaX> Your client send incorrect IP 'x.x.x.x' in command, hub replaced it with your real IP !

i have tried several settings on the client but am still getting the message, do i just ignore it or is there a way to resolve that?

not an emergency but any help is much appreciated


Thats not your clients fault, you enteredt the hub with LAN IP(wrong IP), a welknown mistake and causing a lot of ddos etc from older hubsofts, check settings on your clients profile, hubsoft should stop checking your profile.
keep on sharing :)

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