Rincewind's Trivia v2.0.4 Lua 5.1 API2 Edition

Rincewind's Trivia v2.0.4 Lua 5.1 API2 Edition

Started by Rincewind, 18 May, 2008, 13:17:35

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New version of Trivia cut from Rincewind's Grimoire v5.0.2 available here


Hi m8!

Every time someone types +scores -scores or ! scores script crashes with error:

?:0: attempt to index field 'tGuessTheNumber' (a nil value)

Im using trivia 2.0.4 standalone ver - can this b fixed?

Im running PX 4.1.1 lua 5.1.3 on ubuntu linux.



I'll see about getting this fixed (at work at the moment but will investigate once I am at home).


I have tested this and can;t get it to error.

What is in your tSwitches table?


I've tried it out on debian.. the script works for me without any modification.
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What's tswitches table?
Im running on ubuntu - still get error everytime -scores is used


Apologies, from memory I thought tSwitches existed in the Trivia settings but it seems it does not.

When did you download the file? I checked the one up there now and it worked fine (as it did for ATAG)?


downloader right now again from this post link - your 1st post with a link also tried from your website but get this error now:\scripts\Rincewind's Trivia.lua:8: attempt to index global 'Core' (a nil value)

What else: From r click menu when clicking on Trivia 2.0.4 information script fails with error:

?:0: attempt to index field 'tGuessTheNumber' (a nil value)     - i have no guess the number game at all something is wrong here!

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