ask for slot = warn or kick?


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ask for slot = warn or kick?

Started by zinden, 18 October, 2003, 17:52:14

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hello all, can someone make a script that will warn a user or kick a user when he ask for a slot thru PM?

if warn then: 3 warnings = ban

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Hmm How do u know that the user is asking for slots ?

You can ask in lot of ways:

1) Can I have a slot please?
2) I need 1 slot please?
3) Can you open an extra slot please?

If you notice the  common msgs.. It can only count if u add the word "slot", which is a normal word..

I recommend you add it to ur hub rule :)


here is my little script that i was originally writing for my Keiko/Gekko script, but here i ripped it, i will be adding warning to it soon ;)

--KeikoNoAskSlotBot by Phatty

Bot = "Keiko"
Time = "1" --mins to be banned for

function DataArrival(user,data)
s,e,data = strfind(data, "%b<>([%a ]+)")   
	if( strfind(data, "have" and "slot") ) then
		user:SendData(Bot,"Do not ask for slots...goodbye :o)")
		SendToAll(Bot,user.sName.." was banned for "..Time.."mins for asking for a slot")
	return 1


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nm ive started updating already come look HERE


Resistance is futile!

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