***Error missing profiles. Please help!


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***Error missing profiles. Please help!

Started by witch, 08 July, 2004, 23:21:55

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I did resstarted scripts....and i see that message:
[22:35] <...::RoboCop::...> *** Error missing profiles, Install the provided profiles.dat that can be found in folder scripts/profiles

..when i double klick on the profile.dat some how NeroMediaPlayer comes, so my profile.dat was in NeroMediaPlayer format don't know why....

..so i need to change it to *dat format ... and my question is "how?" Please tell me wich programs use *dat format? Or any other way to change it to normal?

Thanx  :)


Go to /script/profiles and choose the ptokax version you are running, copy the profiles.dat file to the Ptokax folder. Then Restart the hub...
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i tried that...didn't work  :rolleyes:


hey witch,

This sounds quite strange. What were ya doing when this started happening? What ptokax version are you running? oh wait...this is a robo error!

But i can say, use notepad to open the .dat files. Just open notepad and drag in the file from windows to do nice and quickly.

pTokaX/Proiles.dat (defualt for p15.25)



hub has to be turned off to make those changes   restart scripts wont work


Thanx T?M??r?V?ll?R!!!
now it's works fine!  :))


I have tried every thing listed above in my hub and it's not working. Someone please help me out. Thanks :(


QuoteOriginally posted by darkone
I have tried every thing listed above in my hub and it's not working. Someone please help me out. Thanks :(
close/shutdown ptokax.
copy the profiles.dat to the root folder of ptokax (same folder as you can find PtokaX.exe in).
start ptokax again and your done.

http://www.plop.nl lua scripts/howto\'s.

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Thanks for the help but it still isn't working same error.  X(


Make sure that you pick the Profiles.dat that fits your version of PtokaX..

That's about all I can think of right now.

Good luck,



I am running test drive 4 and I loaded the t4 profile in the same directory as the ptokax.exe. I am still getting the same error.  :( By the way I been hosting this hub using ptokax for 2 years and never seen anything like this before it just happened recently. Anyways thanks again.


Just to make sure.

You close the hub down completely before overwiting your current Profiles.dat with the new one from Robocop ?


Thanks for all the help my dumb ass had the profiles folder in the same directory with the t4 dat file causing a conflict. Anyways thanks for all the help.

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