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Getting old users back

Started by MrZ, 12 October, 2003, 08:27:34

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Hi there,,

Nedvev,, & All,,
Welcom ?ack,,

& I'm glad to ?e there too,,...

cya,, ;)
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Damn this new forum was hard to find. i thought someone hacked the old address and i kept going to the old address in case it came back. I checked on the search engines and came to a website which i did not like.

So today i asked DirtyFinger on icq and he was a star hehehe.

Tada here i am again but i am quite ashamed to see old registration does not work in this forum. so back to 0 posts and more chatting lol
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I informed klownietklowniet about the new Forum URL :) He shud be in the forum real soon :D


And here I am... :-)

Hello to you all... was looking the forum... had a hunch there was a new one created somewhere... ;-)
[ > DC - UniteD < ]


Good to see you back man :)

I have submitted this forum url to Top 40 Search engines... So real soon , if someone searches for the forum, this address would be listed :D


Hope so.... been searching and searching... and searching... :-)
[ > DC - UniteD < ]


:) :) Me too hoping to see all the rest in the forum !


i found bonki
but i dont have irc at my work computer,
he would be a big asset to the board
can someone let him know of the new board addy

found him here:


it was a lont time since i posted in this forum. so i just need to post one.. :-)
Nice to see u all back here again. cheers m8s
:D  im back  :D


Hi everyone... :)

as so many said before, was really hard to find this forum, but anyway... snowball system works.

so let'z party again ;)

Greez ????_H???z??

??/v\\ \'?\' ?@?? ???? is Secured by RoboCop? Created by Optimus?


OMG so glad to see you al back was getting worried there for a bit! Found the other forum . Then when crusing the net . I find you all again!! I was jumping for joy for about a hour!! *hugs * to all and glad to see everyone back up and at it!! :D
 :)) Btw name change heehee aka pannygrl
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welcome back panny...
i mean MetalQueen
!return hugs ;)


well getting users back it s hard to say how if you changed address for your hub my friend

but you can have 2 addresse for your hub the old one and the new one so everyone will get back wiith the new or with the old one

good luck

            -=@_ _@=-


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