!kick command not working but Kick User from menu working ?


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!kick command not working but Kick User from menu working ?

Started by GaPa, 09 April, 2005, 11:18:06

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Hello All

First , Im new to this hub stuff and to this forum :P

I've got a Hub running with Ptokax build 15.18 ( Debug)
Beside the hub I got some scripts installed :
Guardian Lite

The hub is running fine with about 20 users (and still growing)

Now the problem is : I cant use the !Kick command to kick users , I have to right click the username and select the Kick user option , then The uers is kicked. Using the !kick command is not giving any response nor kicking the user.

I've checked the Ptokax.ini file and there the command prefix is !. Also the profile for Ops , moderators and Master have the Kick option checked.

What could be going on here ?

Im asking because i want to use a client to check for fake files and kick automatically if found.

Thanks for your help


!kick is a kick command brought from scripts.

$Kick %[nick]|
is a standard kick, which works in just about every hubsoft, and is the one in the right click menu. :)


QuoteIm asking because i want to use a client to check for fake files and kick automatically if found.

DCDM++ would suit ur needs perfectly for this  ;)


Thanks for the suggestions

I'm using LDC++ to check as It also supports RAW commands.

Tried using $Kick , no kick only message , tried ?Kick also no kick.

So $Kick should be working in the hub as a normal command , when I enter $kick this is taken as normal text in mainchat.

I just like to know : The !Kick command should be in some script ? And not being a standard Hub command ?

I've tested the RAW command and it seems to work in other hubs when using the !kick command.

How can I see if a script is supplying a !kcik command to operators and Masters ?



Gapa: The $Kick | is a Direct Connect Protocol Command. It has nothing to do with the !kick found in many hubsofts and scripts. The !kick usually triggers the server to issue a $Kick | (notice that there is no reason given in this). There is no way to see which commands the script supplies the users with,... unless you can read it.

Also try googling for 'DC Protocol documentation' you'll find some very usefull info on it ;)


Yes I know The $Kick being DC command.

But the thing is , when using this RAW command :

$To: %[nick] From: %[mynick] $<%[mynick]> You are being kicked because: %[cheatingdescription] - Please fix this or you'll be banned.|<%[mynick]> is kicking %[nick] because: %[cheatingdescription]|<%[mynick]> $Kick %[nick] %[cheatingdescription]|

is not kicking the nick in question , it is only Giving the message in PM and in the status bar.

I really don't know what the problem is , as I want this to be automated check and kick :P


<%[mynick]> $Kick %[nick] %[cheatingdescription]|

that normally gets you disconnected.  Replace that bit EXACTLY with:

$Kick %[nick]|

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