"delay changes" question


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"delay changes" question

Started by HardstyleBaBy, 30 August, 2005, 00:59:04

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Hey all  :)

I have question about the option "delay changes for ... minutes"

i just readed this topic,

The LUA Language Board - how can i reduce bandwith use (upload)

and i was wondering if it is different then the function in ynhub. as far as i can remember there was a thread in ynhubforum about reducing bandwidth. And there it said: i should set it lower, to 5 i think.

and in the thread above it said: set higher "Delay changes" in myinfo procesing.

does someone know about this? im confused lol :P


I don't know how it working in YnHub, but in PtokaX longer time = lower badwith usage :))
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ok thanx:) i did that now,

i have set it to 60  :P

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