$UserIP issue


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$UserIP issue

Started by Znupi, 14 June, 2006, 20:12:14

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Hokay, so, I use Zion++ 2.02 Blue as client. It is set to send $UserIP to all users, but PtokaX disconnects me when that happens.

If I disable this option in Zion, PtokaX stops disconnecting me.

(this happens even if I'm Master, so I don't think its a privileges thingie)

Help ... is this normal ... and why is this happening?


PX 3.4.0 and later does not support Send UserIP to all users so you get disconnected if you try to use it.


This happening because PtokaX not support UserIP v1. Zion++ ignore this and send UserIP request -> it is unknown command for hub and as any other unknown command cause disconnect.
PtokaX support UserIP v2, and in default have enabled send automatically all users ip to Master and OP profile  ::)
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