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PM on connect

Started by virusel2013, 14 August, 2007, 21:13:59

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help me please with script
--[[			PM to user on connection by Mozzilla™
				Requested by ScAnDaL
				Will send a PM to users when they connect to the hub

Cfg = {
-- Mesage to send ["" = none/use extenal file]
Message = "",
-- Path/filename of login message file ["" = none/use scripted Message]
File = "Login.txt",

What you write appears for the \o/ user, with "quotes" and \\back/forward slashes//.

who = frmHub:GetHubBotName()
what = frmHub:GetHubName()

function NewUserConnected(user)
	user:SendPM(who, "")


the script is working great but when i want to put a message from a file is not working. please what i must to change to this script to work.

the path where ptokax folder is look like that


Thx Mutor the script is working great


Could someone please update this script so it works on the new API and maybe add a profile table and a timer for how often it will be sent? Or maybe point me in the right direction towards a script that will do this. I am trying to get the unregistered users in one of my hubs to register and see some info on the hub/network when they connect and every third hour or so... Thanks in advance  :D


That seems like a very nice script but I don't think I will be able to modify it to fit my needs... See I only want a scheduled message for unregged users. The message I use has some info on the network and encourages users to register themselves to enjoy some of the perks of being a registered user and to check out the other hubs in the network. I tried editing the lua to show my scheduled message but every time I try to modify it, something goes wrong =p

How should I modify:

local Msg = user.sNick.. " you are required to register "..
		"in this hub. PM an operator for registration. "

to be able to use my own message?


Wohoo! Seems to be working great. Thanks a lot Mutor  :D

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