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Main Menu build 200

Started by PPK, 20 June, 2011, 00:26:07

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Windows version with GUI: http://www.ptokax.org/files/
Windows service: http://www.ptokax.org/files/
Windows x64 version with GUI: http://www.ptokax.org/files/
Windows x64 service: http://www.ptokax.org/files/

Quote from: Changes
Added: DPI awareness.
Added: Update check window.
Added: Keyboard handling to whole gui (ess, tab, shift+tab, arrow keys etc.).
Changed: GUI layout to correctly use system font and DPI settings.
Fixed: Not working mass message and redirect all buttons.
Fixed: Minor Lua timers problems.
Improved: Update check now use HTTP 1.1.
Improved: Update file is now simple text file instead of xml.
Other: Minor cleanup and few small fixes.
Removed: Remaining parts related to old VCL gui.
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