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Started by Ger, 12 January, 2014, 04:14:28

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Hi al ive got a littel error on my hubname with ptokax 0501 ( H - o l l a n d  ]*[  C o n n e c t )  :sad2:  and i ame sure i was add the hubname without the -          :ninja:

How can i fexed the name and \can i fix online the hubname without the - in the hubname ?   !!!
Thx for advice .. Ger  :xmas:


That is probably client issue. DC++ in some 0.7xx version changed hub name parsing and break it on first space. So "H" is shown as hubname and "o l l a n d  ]*[  C o n n e c" after - as hub topic... of course many dc++ mods working same way  :(
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I know is old but I know how to fix it.....

Add Topic anything even 1 letter. Works immediately from GUI or from command.

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