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Started by U2Seek, 10 November, 2007, 20:11:36

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The modified version of the script attached below is running fine. But somewhere along the way converting/modifying one thing changed: the correct answer by the user is no longer shown in the main chat, only the false ones. Why does that matter one could ask. It became a fashion to add a comment/remark to the solution, which does not matter as long as the correct answer is typed first.

What changes need to be made to also show the correct answer again?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Mutor, thanx a lot for the immediate reply!!!

I did contact Propaganda, who is helping me a lot with running PtokaX.

With my LUA knowledge I can not tell if there was an acutal conversion to 5.1. As far as I remember it was necessary to run the script with a new PtokaX version.

Attached is a version (the previous I think) of the script where it still worked.

Though I modified quite a lot of the script by common sense this is beyond my knowledge :-)


Sorry to have bothered you or anyone else.
But this forum is called "Help with scripts".
If my issue does not fall under that I appologize but strongly suggest a clarification of the
"true purpose of this forum"


I fail to see what's so difficult in changing the script back to what it was before you/he modified it.
-> I have no real knowledge of LUA, hence I can not tell if/what conversion actually took place (see above)
-> But after it was "converted" I modified quite a few lines by common sense (winners, scores etc.) (see above)

I truly wanted you to compare the two files in an editor.
Better to challenge them to make the changes themselves.
->Yes, I might figure it out myself by comparing and studying LUA etc. (what is API??) for weeks. But do you always expect ppl to spend the rest of their life (liturally) to "accomplish a task" before their request falls under your definition of help?

to assist other scripters with writing script for the PtokaX LUA API
-> that is exactly what should be mentioned in the topic of this forum instead of "help"

Trust me, I spent a lot of time to fiugre this out myself before I posted here.
But you are accusing me of laziness and stupidity.

[and a bit more than you asked for]
-> obviously not...


Wise man,

attached is a comparison of the two script versions. Even with my basic to non-existing LUA knowledge I can tell there actually was a conversion (unless you want to redefine conversion).

But I still have no idea what the answer to me original question could be.

Any help would still be appreciated.


good idea, locking topic  :)

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