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How do you pronounce PtokaX?

Started by mattst88, 25 January, 2004, 22:29:27

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LoL, i think in PT it sound like this also --> Pe-Te-Ho-Kacks


I always thought it was pronounced Po-tok-a-x


After crying with laughter from reading this thread, I'm surprised no-one has commented that the word PtokaX sounds remarkably like the Klingon language.

I'd say its pronounced.


I alwasy say   Po-Ta-ks

And yeah... funny thread =)
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or maybe this ,,
A cold BeeR is stunning !!


I use to say to frends that iam using



If you ask me how i pronounce it....well i don't  :P  i just refer to it as THE Hub   :D
PtokaxWiki ?PtokaX Mirror + latest Libs



Seeing as alot of people have different ways of pronouncing PtokaX, I've created a wav file of myself pronouncing it the way I believe is correct.

I wish Ptacez would attach a link so this thread would finally end.  :D



Some funny dudes call it  *Pto-sux*
(verli and yn-hub lovers)
A cold BeeR is stunning !!


P-to-kax as its writed (in Finland we spell it like it is writed)
but anyway it's usually called as po-tas-ka (what is not so kind word, y(n)hub and verli users say that)

maybe iam bit late in this topic... ;)

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