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Started by ptaczek, 23 September, 2005, 14:02:23

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Hi ppl, as it seems, life is almost stabilized and even the mood is close to "do something". At least until another time-bomb explode ;)
I wasn't here for longer time again and I really don't know what's going on on the DC and what is the situation around ptokax.
If anybody would like to give me short overview, I'll be glad.

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Glad to hear that everything is getting back to normal. :)

A quick summary:

Well the script kiddies are still being immature, arnetheduck is on vacation at moment, but has made loads of changes in DC++ for the next version.  Had no trouble with PtokaX for ages, as it's really stable, and just about impossible to flood. :)

that's all i can really think of for the moment, but i'm sure other people will fill the blanks in. :)


you could also quickly read through the changelog of the latest ptokax ;)


Thanx for brief info ;)

This whole physical universe is a hologram.
[Cosmosis - Contact: The First Step]


Yeah, just sorry it was so brief.  I was hoping some more people might say sommit.  ?(
Other news, iceman50 has returned to DC (after a year or two of absence). :)


Well, to add mine: PtokaX has LUA5 support now and supports the latest NMDC protocol extensions to date, and LUA (5) is a shared DLL now, there are already some plugins by bluebear.

DC++ is great in my opinion, it just cannotr handle my high transfer speeds hence prone to eat my resources. :) I am looking forward to 0.69, since I am dissatisfied with versions newer than 0.306.
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