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drity Word BOT

Started by Gx_lucas, 18 November, 2005, 00:40:42

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    --Censor Bot created by SyMteX 08.01.2003

    botname = "Agata"
    trigs = { ["pizd"]=1,["kurw"]=2,["jeb"]=3,
    function Main()

    function DataArrival(user, data)
    if (not user.bOperator) then
    if (( strsub(data, 1, 1) == "<" ) or ( strsub(data, 1, 4) == "$To:" )) then
    for key,a in trigs do
    if( strfind( strlower(data), key) ) then
    SendToAll( botname, user.sName.." zostal rozlaczony za przeklinanie." )
you'd like it to warn the user in mainchat or private message? instead of disconnect the user. simply. " It possible ??


It's not working :( Convert him but it;s styl nothing, I've PtokaX DC Hub TestDrive 4.99 ,maby ony edit this scrip can help ... :(


Thats an old version of ptokax :(  .... if i was you i would upgrade to latest one      get from here

Then the script Mutor posted will work fine  :D


Yea its workin but Censor is work but my old script not orking so i convert they to LUA 5 and still nothing WHY ??


your other scripts need changing too .... has your old hub was using lua4 and the new hub use's lua5

You need to replace them with converted 1s :D

Search the forum to find all ... if not converted yet ask and im sure someone will help you out  8)

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