simple welcome script

simple welcome script

Started by hawaj, 07 July, 2021, 12:24:12

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hi iam looking fore simple welcome msg on log in script for all users (reg , unreg , etc)
with couple welcome msgs
can any1 help me with that script ????

best regards


Like this?
-- px_simple-welcome.lua /ATAG
-- Send welcome messages randomly

tMessages = {
"This is the first welcome message for you, have a nice day.",
[[a multiline
message looks
like this
if you want :)]],
"this is an other one...",
"you can use only static text this way.",
"Don't forget the comma at the end of line",
"And don't use quotation mark in the message :)",

function UserConnected(tUser)
	local i = math.random(1,table.getn(tMessages))
	Core.SendToUser(tUser, "<"..SetMan.GetString(21).."> "..tMessages[i])
-- comment it to disable for reg users
Regconnected = UserConnected
-- comment it to disable for operators
OpConnected = UserConnected

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