T2G 0.3a Beta

T2G 0.3a Beta

Started by Madman, 26 March, 2009, 09:42:45

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Minor fixes.
---- Version 0.3a Beta
-- Fixed: chclear cmd, 27.03.09
-- Fixed: Cleard some files, 27.03.09

0.3 Beta has been repacked
I was in a hurry when i packed the rar, so i rared some wrong files.
I uploaded the new file called Terminator.2nd.Gen.0.3 Beta.Real.rar so you can tell them apart.
It will fix alot of nil errors like tKickWatch and so on.

0.3 Beta has arived atlast.
Now, it has been alot of bugfixes, so I decided I had to realse it.
I havent added all the commands that I planned. So that's still in the ToDo list.
And I changd some of the file, so it's recommeded that you delete all files from previous betas.
And also, GUI has been updated as well.

And, I'm going to be busy, so I probarly wont have time to do anything until monday.

-- Added: ChatStats functions, 17.03.09
-- Added: chstats cmd, 17.03.09
-- Fixed: t2ghelp cmd did't show cmds without syntax, 17.03.09
-- Changed: local values in t2ghelp, 17.03.09
-- Added: chclear cmd, 17.03.09
-- Changed: unneeded data in rightclick, 17.03.09
-- Added: OnExit function, saves History atm, 17.03.09
-- Added: history cmd, 17.03.09
-- Changed: Kicklog was changed to KickCount, 18.03.09
-- Changed: Logs/Kicks.log was changed to Data/KickCount.dat,18.03.09
-- Changed: updated layout of KickCount, 18.03.09
-- Added: TkDC++ to default client list, 18.03.09
-- Added: Kicklog to kick cmd and $Kick, 18.03.09
-- Changed: tabels where renamed, 18.03.09
-- Added: getkicks cmd, 18.03.09
-- Added: getbalist cmd, 18.03.09
-- Fixed: kick at wrong place in fake MyINFO check, 19.03.09
-- Fixed: nick errors in fake MyINFP check, 19.03.09
-- Changed: added MessageFrom to clone alerar, 19.03.09
-- Added: warn cmd, 19.03.09
-- Added: WarnsToKick in settings, 19.03.09
-- Changed: cleansafe cmd now adds/removes in tConfig table, 19.03.09
-- Removed: CleanSafe table and it's own file, 19.03.09
-- Added: drop cmd, 20.03.09
-- Added: showcleansafe cmd, 20.03.09
-- Fixed: user was yser in Connected, reported by AFRIKA_KORPS, 20.03.09
-- Added: IP to KilledOps language line, 20.03.09
-- Added: scriptsettings cmd, 20.03.09
-- Added: ShowSerialize for scriptsettings, 20.03.09
-- Changed: cleansafe/bugme ON/off is now not case sensetive, 20.03.09
-- Fixed: Missing cmd in syntax, 20.03.09
-- Added: Functions for kick watchers, 20.03.09
-- Added: watchkicks cmd, 20.03.09
-- Added: getwarns cmd, 22.03.09
-- Changed: layout fixes in getkicks/warns, 22.03.09
-- Added: Topkickers functions, 22.03.09
-- Fixed: Bad numbers in share check, reported by [NL]Scooby, 23.03.09
-- Fixed: nil nick in CTM Arrivals, reported by AFRIKA_KORPS, 23.03.09
-- Added: hopefully nil error fixes in LoginInfo, errors reported by Annie, 23.03.09
-- Fixed: typo in InformOps, 24.03.09
-- Changed: diffrent return in String2Nr, 24.03.09
-- Added: topkickers cmd, 26.03.09

GUI Changelog
-- Version 0.2
-- Changed Command window, now supports unlimted cmd
-- Added WarnsToKick setting
-- Fixed small typo
-- Fixed fucked table setup in MinShare/MaxShare settings
-- Fixed not reading MinShare/MaxShare values, reported by Annie
-- Fixed not reading block checks, reported by Annie
-- Fixed not reading Trigg enable boxes, reported by Annie
-- Fixed not reading checks on Misc page, reported by Annie
-- Fixed wrong size on master in ByPass, reported by Annie
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