Anyone died?


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Anyone died?

Started by Typhoon, 17 February, 2011, 19:19:28

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kind of quite inhere or is everyone on vacation in the nice warm countries.

anyways nice to be back after some time in absence.



I am hand have always been lurking here but hopefully I can finally resume coding.
Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning.


BTW it is nice that both of us have this follow me crap in our signatures. :D
Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning.


same here Bast. yeah i snatched the img url from your sig. and found shitloads of images with birds.  ;D

i've lurked here also but not as frequent as i wanted to, but now i can say I'm back :P


I belive i'm still alive... But you can never be sure.

I as well hope to get back to coding for PtokaX, currently i'm just doing php, javascript ,css (unfortunately) and some lua for my work.
Ha! I get payed to make software in lua / wxLua =)
We suffer in silence, we lurk in the shadows, we kill in the night
Site currently down, ETA of returning online is 2099 ;p


I'm also still alive.... I do some scripting for work, no not LUA  ::)  I've seen this forum has a nice upgrade (look and feel), and I'm going to find out if there is still some 'community' alive the next couple of months/years.

Sometimes I do code... after all, I still run a PtokaX hub, 1 zK++ 0.73 client with some LUA scripting, 1 BCDC++ client with LUA code to control a speedcheck bot (from Flow84).

Still good to see some ppl who never left this nice place  8)

Ow... and I know Daywalker died in 2009, RIP. He was building another hubsoft with FlipFlop, called Flexhub.

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