a dynamic vector from c# to LUA


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a dynamic vector from c# to LUA

Started by andrea.vermetti, 25 May, 2005, 12:33:56

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Hi people... i'm form Italy and i new in this place.
Forgive my english...

Well i have great trouble....

In a C# class:

 i've got  a vector (of numbers)  of unknown lenght (it's variable), i can count  the records of this vector

so i have vector and vector.size

for example i want  result of the summatory of the values of the vector

i want to call a LUA FILE SCRIPT and give him in input the vector and the vector size and i want that  LUA gives me back the total like a FOR CICLE.

How can i give to LUA my two variables?????

I know how give LUA  variables in static way

this is my code


Lua l=new Lua();

l["num"] = inputVal;
l["num1"] = inputVal1;


total = num+num1;

again in C#

int tot = (int) l("total");


how can i do it in dynamic way

thanks  a lot




bit late but just found this topic.
i think you can find the answer in the lua wiki on //www.lua.org, or ask in the dcdev hub.
as what i get from your question it has more 2 do with the lua api handling in c then the lua scripts we guy's/girls here on the board write.
2 take myself as an example i have 0 knowledge about c.

http://www.plop.nl lua scripts/howto\'s.

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I may be too late aswell..
Anyhow.. im not quite sure what you are on about..
You need to work on your english a little bit, lol

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