Rincewind's Grimoire v5.0.0 API2


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Rincewind's Grimoire v5.0.0 API2

Started by Rincewind, 02 March, 2008, 23:22:43

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Well, as promised what feels like an awfully long time ago, here is the Grimoire version 5.0.0 with an all new GUI. The script has been extensively modified as well, despite the short change log, but the look and feel to the users in your hub should very much be the same as it is now with Gv4.3.0.

Download it here

CHANGES - 5.0.0
•   near total rewrite of script and GUI
•   added option to play Anagrams in PM
•   added option to play CodeBreaker in PM
•   added option to play GuessTheNumber in PM
•   added option to play Hangman in PM
•   added option to play Trivia in PM
•   added option to play RussianRoulette in PM
•   added option to play SlotMachine in PM
•   added ascii intro [requested by Undertaker]
•   removed TicTacToe
•   removed HubEmail
•   added option to trivia to only show first hint [requested by Skelletona]

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