Simple Reg Commands

Simple Reg Commands

Started by Azurious, 16 July, 2008, 22:33:53

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Can u please change reg commands

!addreguser <nick> <password> <profilename> - add registered user with specified profile.


!reguser <nick> <password>

!regvip <nick> <password>

!regmod <nick> <password>

!regop <nick> <password>

!regmaster <nick> <password>

!regnf <nick> <password> - The World Of Desi Stuff!!!


I can't do this as Grimoire allows people to use whatever profiles they wish to use.

What you could do though is set up some Custom RCs in Grimoire such as;
Security\\Registration\\Add Reg $<%[mynick]> +addreg %[nick] %[line:password] 3
Security\\Registration\\Add VIP $<%[mynick]> +addreg %[nick] %[line:password] 2

and so on.

Take a look in the Customise User ] Custom Right CLick section of GUI.


Thanks rince but i don't want to add rightclick option i want this cmds to use in mainchat to reg users

please tell me wat to do?

or just to add register user

!rn <nick> <password> to register user with minimum profile

please give me commands tell me how to add & where to add it - The World Of Desi Stuff!!!


The Grimoire registration command is
+addreg nick password profile_no

So to make a basic reg you'd type
+addreg nick password 3


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