Kick if not reg


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Kick if not reg

Started by Azurious, 05 November, 2008, 16:12:39

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There are many unregister user who don't even reply or ask for registration

for them this would be better every minute a warn for registration & after 5 warn a kick (same as terminator script)
warn/kick/ban/drop/timban/redirect within a custom time limit If not registered in HuB

also offline users info with all ip logs etc

Rincy - The World Of Desi Stuff!!!


good to see a grimoire fan....posting it used to be the one of the scripts tat i started with ... i think its better tat we dont kick or redirect unreged users... as they might be far off when u on net and they cant pm the ops for reg...
instead u can halt their down load and main chat and only pm access should be kept tat would be much bettter for newbies...
where as offline loged users ip script is already available on board u can use it if it can be merged with grimoire i tried it long back when i used grimoire may be sumthing to do with modules and all i was a noob tat time so could not understand it.hope racewind helps u soon...


I agree with both Mutor and ?StIfFLEr?? :)
Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning.


Quote from: Mutor on 05 November, 2008, 16:58:53
The fucking word is THAT
I cannot express how much your manner of
typing annoys the living shit out of me.

I feel your pain but illiteracy is rampant, often intentionally on the net, you're Tilting at Windmills.

If he can't find the SHIFT key for I then you can bet that the h in that is a lost cause.


tit for tat and twit for that


The fucking word is THAT LOL its chatting shortcuts - The World Of Desi Stuff!!!


hmmmm.... well tat= THAT
I will make sure i use THAT always.
and also make sure that i dont use shorcuts henceforth in the forums.


Don't worry, most people go through their 'shortcut' period but it is really annoying, cuz its vry hard 2 read sumtimez. :P
Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning.


Hi Azurious,

I will have a look into adding a timer on unreg join and allow an action to be specified in GUI for what should happen to them (i.e. warn, kick, ban etc.)

What exactly do you mean by "offline users info with all ip log"?


Is there any way to get brief login details of offline & online users


Brief User Online Info
Brief User Offline Info

Login-46    Name: [NeXGeN]???? ON: 03/04-2008 AT: 13:09:56 Ip:   Logout: 04/04-2008 AT: 14:51:17
Login-47    Name: [NeXGeN]???? ON: 04/04-2008 AT: 14:51:44 Ip:   Logout: 05/04-2008 AT: 10:00:54
Login-48    Name: [NeXGeN]???? ON: 05/04-2008 AT: 10:00:59 Ip:   Logout: 05/04-2008 AT: 18:43:25
Login-49    Name: [NeXGeN]???? ON: 05/04-2008 AT: 18:46:15 Ip:   Logout: 06/04-2008 AT: 09:06:26
Login-50    Name: [NeXGeN]???? ON: 06/04-2008 AT: 09:06:38 Ip:   Logout: 06/04-2008 AT: 09:09:25
Login-51    Name: [NeXGeN]???? ON: 06/04-2008 AT: 22:34:39 Ip:   Logout: 06/04-2008 AT: 22:49:55
Login-52    Name: [NeXGeN]???? ON: 07/04-2008 AT: 01:45:13 Ip:   Logout: 07/04-2008 AT: 01:47:29
Login-53    Name: [NeXGeN]???? ON: 07/04-2008 AT: 02:14:24 Ip:   Logout: 07/04-2008 AT: 02:39:17
Login-54    Name: [NeXGeN]???? ON: 07/04-2008 AT: 15:57:09 Ip:   Logout: 07/04-2008 AT: 16:19:22

It was in terminator scripts this is very usefull script - The World Of Desi Stuff!!!


+showlog gets you the current days connection log which is the closest I currently have.

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