factors affecting hub


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factors affecting hub

Started by yooabhiken, 29 July, 2014, 08:57:06

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i have been using a hub that my local isp provides for a year or two .there are approximately 400 users and almost all of us get speed about 1-10 mbps.

recently i created a hub with the help of potakx for my friends but i faced some speed issues..none of us could get more speed than 100-200 kbps.

so what i needed to ask is,
what are the different factors affecting a hub's up/down speed?
could those be eliminated with the help of ptokax?
or are those permanent factors?

few things about my hub :

there arent many users..but all of them have different ISPs.
(could this be the main factor?)

all the users live around 20-30 km away from each other
( i guess long distance factor might come into the picture)

i have watched their dc++ settings its not a problem.


All data transfers from user to user going directly between them. Hub have zero speed effect to them and don't know what is transferred.
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does it still remain unaffected  if someone's isp is limiting those user's p2p traffic?


Only same isp users can get speed on ur hub.the users from other isp can download files as there regular internet plan. This a a main factor.


ohh man..
and now that has destroyed my only purpose and aim of creating a hub.
i wanted something which will allow my colleagues  and friends to share files with each other easily without giving each other any portable devices.
i guess i got no other option but to close my hub.

anyways, i appreciate the help.
thank you


ur welcome
feeling bad for u but thats the main factor.

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