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trivia ex

Started by c h i l l a, 07 January, 2004, 15:13:55

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Very nice bot!!!
Still having a little issues but as i can see chill is working hard releasing new fixes and options ant that's what keeps this project really cool!!
Keep up the great Job!


sorry chill..................

i did not mean to sound ungrateful over the triv bot, bin a long week at work.
it is a good bot best ive seen on ptokax so far, deffinately keep up the good work.
-=U=K=?=E=T=-???? the friendly network from good old blighty.


morning folks.......
can someone tell me what i am doing wrong here please?

RevealChar = "*"         -- The revealchar: 149,164,1

QFile = "TriviaEx.Questions-1.txt"   -- The name of the Questionfile Questiondefaultformat = category$$questions$$answer)

TrivFolder = "TRIVIA"         -- The name of the Folder, for the Questionfile.
DivideChar = "@"         -- The Divied Char whitch divides the Category,Questions and Answer, (Only one character)
GetQuestionMode = 1         -- 1 = Gets "Category,Question,Answer", 2 = Only Gets "Question,Answer"
HowToGetQuestions = 1         -- Questions Mode 1 = Random, 2 = Sequential (e.g. 1,2,3)
RevealQues = 1            -- 1 = Random displaying of hints, 2 = Displays the first letters of the hint first (Grands Trivia).
and in hub i get this........
[08:11] <-RasTriv-> The right answer was:  
[08:11] <-RasTriv-> Other answers were: ___ By Me, , Stand.
[08:11] <-RasTriv-> QUESTION - Nr. 153 from 82337 Questions.
   > Point(s): 0 - Total Answers: 4
   QUESTION: 80s Films
[08:11] <-RasTriv-> The right answer was:  
[08:11] <-RasTriv-> Other answers were: ___ Shop of Horrors, , Little.
[08:11] <-RasTriv-> QUESTION - Nr. 154 from 82337 Questions.
   > Point(s): 0 - Total Answers: 4
   QUESTION: 80s Films

nothing appears to be correct on reading questions pack!!!
has to be the way i have it set and the question pack i am using is (TriviaEx.Questions-1) with this (TriviaEx.Questions-1-seek)
so it must be me i am assuming. but it is pointing at correct pack of question names but maybe wrong question pack?

anyone help me on this problem please :(
-=U=K=?=E=T=-???? the friendly network from good old blighty.


bots working fine on question packs supplied with it.

format that is supplied is...............

ReggaeTrivia$album & arstist: Live at Maritime Hall$twinkle brothers
format of question pack i have is..........

1980s GrabBag$$The last team Tom Seaver tried to pitch for$$new york mets

so can script be altered to take this second format of questions please as 8+ thou questions is a lot to alter lol
-=U=K=?=E=T=-???? the friendly network from good old blighty.


thx guys :),
If you have any good ideas, about how to show the hints, or anything else, then just post it, I usually always add new options :),

and grazzer,  use these questions, they are a bit better edited. well as good as one can edit, 80.000 questions

Q 80.000

and if you use these questions, then you needn't need to change anything in the script.

if you use this one

Trivia Ex 0.649

and Haddes, just post your probs issues, and we'll get em' fixed.


you are a damm saint m8ee, ty for q-pack1 saved me loads of typing lol
can bugger off and watch the rugby now.

GUINNESS time folks

-=U=K=?=E=T=-???? the friendly network from good old blighty.


never mind go on england gaz ,,  

keepin dc clean and fun


woofers ya sluttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.
i done the GUINNESS m8 from 1.30 pm right uptil 9.45pm
and england did go lol............

home empty handed useless wazzuks
-=U=K=?=E=T=-???? the friendly network from good old blighty.


hi folks.............

would like to explain our man chill to a few peeps here.
i'm fairly new to ptokax and lua as are many others but know what i want.
and mr chill, has bin in memo after memo to help me on my needs.
so thanks chill, you are why this forum and its masters of lua are  the best to me.
regards gazzer :)

-=U=K=?=E=T=-???? the friendly network from good old blighty.


thanks a lot :), hope I can keep it up and no prob at all.


Getting page cannot be displayed when trying to download trive ex 0649

anywhere else i can download from?




Hi Chilla,
i've been running the trivia ex-bot in my hub for three or four months now, and i haven't had any problems at all with it since start :D
Great work man!
Hugs toras.
Owner of the bestest little SweHub on DC

[Sweden Rocks]


Mort will paste a link soon, when I have rewritten some parts of the script,

toras, good to hear that it is running so well, :).

I am thinking of new methods to display the answeres, anybody got any ideas?


Trivia Ex 0.65

 <-RasTriv-> -- Trivia Ex V.0.65 by chill --

	Prefixes: ! + -

	trivscore   - Shows the top 100 scorers.
	trivmyscore   - Shows your score.
	trivstats   - Shows the top 10 player stats.
	trivplayers   - Shows you the Trivia Players.
	trivskip   - Lets you skipp the current question.
	trivhint   - Gives you a hint.
	login   - Lets you login.
	logout   - Logs you out.
	trivstart  - Start the Trivia.
	trivstop   - Stop the Trivia.
	triviaskip   - Enables/Disables TriviaSkip.
	triviahint   - Enables/Disables TrivHint.
	triviaquestion QuesNr.   - Starts with QuesNr.
	trivmain   - Plays Trivia in Main Chat.
	trivpm   - Plays Trivia in PM to the bot.
	trivscorereset   - Lets you reset the score.
	trivhelp   - Shows you this help.

[12:03] <-RasTriv-> QUESTION - Nr. 56789 from 134743 Questions.
	> Category: Capital cities - Point(s): 4 - Total Answers: 1
	QUESTION: What is the capital of Peru
	HINT:  @@@@
[12:03]  lima
[12:03] <-RasTriv-> Correct chillo the answer was "lima", You get 4 Point(s). Answer solved in 3.64 sec.
[12:03] <-RasTriv-> chillo's Stats, Score: 14 Point(s), Answerd Questions: 3, Average Answering Time: 4.75 sec.

Trivia Ex 0.65


having trouble with both your Trivia-Ex-V.0.65 and Trivia-Ex-V.0.645....for Trivia-Ex-V.0.645 scores do not log in right way takes a very long time can you look into this thank you...aand for Ex-V.0.645 i added the extra questions and it repeats itself and will not run the queastion ramdum...But it does it in order such is 1,2,3 and so on...and the question repeat them selfs and when i restart my hub trivia start off bye number one  again....can you please look into this please and get back to me i like this script very much thank you....


yepp I'll take a look and see what the mistake is, I'll also try to add some other stuff, i saw someone else wanted, here and on the other forum, like auto stop when nobody is playing and autostart when anybody wants to play.

so laterz


thank you and check out you extra questions some repeat them selves...let me know when it new one is ready i really like the trivia games you make thank you...


hi chill
lost my triv bot on a major pc failure and got the new .65 script but now have no questions pack bud.
any chance of sorting out somewhere i can grab em please m8ee.
-=U=K=?=E=T=-???? the friendly network from good old blighty.


sure I will see what I can do, due to my poor bandwidth I can't host it myself :(, Telekom suckssssssss.


hi chill could ya zip it up and mail it to me please m8ee.
then i'll post in here with it attached so all can grab it if needed
-=U=K=?=E=T=-???? the friendly network from good old blighty.


thx to Hawk who hosts the file,
you can download like 100.000 questions in english
for trivia

once more this file is quite big I think, and it only grew because there were people working TOGETHER,
so if you have any new questions, just send a PM,
or post the link where to find them :)


how can the time interval between two consecutive question be reduced


with the new version here

you can set it in the *.lua file by editing this variable

TrivEx._Sets.showques = 15

15 is the number in seconds

in the old version it was

TrivEx.Sets.showques = 15

they are somewhere at the beginning of the file


I have problems in changing the questions from random mode to sequential  mode i have this line

TrivEx._Sets.showquesmode = 2               -- Questions Mode 1 = Random, 2 = Sequential (e.g. 1,2,3)

but it doesnot seems to work . add a command for that.


QuoteAdd a command for that.

Hmm.. I think that is a order so to make it correct you have to do

Add a command for that!

If my grammar is right,
so just you know how to consult people next time.

But it works here. So I will check it out.

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