lamer filtration


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lamer filtration

Started by dvxjunkie, 20 October, 2003, 02:56:03

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with this bot you can beat those users who change ip and add a letter to thier nick. instead of forbidding whole nick you have the option of forbidding a portion of thier nick.
 Example: [DSL](T1)deathmachine2 you could simply enter deathmachine and when he logs in with beginning or ending of nick changed(as they usually do) he gets disconnected. I use disconnect because it can be mistaken for a down hub, and he stops trying sooner but thats a matter of preference. the script also looks at whole string, so if nick is to short you can trigger from thier discription or email. example discription "mldc" can be added as a trigger and ml donkey clients will also get disconnected.

I had loads of help from rabbid wombat, amutex,  pigjla, Plop, and others on ALL my scripts so really I can barily call them mine but I did spend days and weeks of my life that im not getting back so here is one of my favorites I hope it helps:

--// Lamer bot by ?V?J??K??, case insensitivity special thanks to amutex! - looks for nicks, parts of nicks, discription info and email and disconnects the user.

botName = "Lamerbot"

--// Ban the following users ip on entry
forbiddenWords = {"mldonkey","[ws]","[replika]","mldc","Nick_Search","B:","mldc","bad_boy", "genisis","n.y.c.p.i.m.p","birdy","noname","qwerty","Mowgli","Kolamand"}

function Main()

--// This function is fired when a new user finishes the login
function NewUserConnected(curUser)
for key,checkWord in forbiddenWords do
if strfind(curUser.sMyInfoString, checkWord, 1, 1) then




that is just a standard anti mldc and it doesnt ban the ip where does it say ban ;)
Resistance is futile!


Theoretically they are disconnected forever, or as long as they keep extending their banned nick....
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