Help with counting without extra table.


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Help with counting without extra table.

Started by NightLitch, 08 February, 2004, 19:42:55

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Here is my string:

      if tonumber(wCount) == MaxWarn or tonumber(wCount) == MaxWarn + MaxWarn then

I want it everytime it get x times equals MaxWarn some way.

I now am Dizzy again. But how can i calculate this without needing an extra table or after 1st kick after x warn needing to lower wCount to 0.

hope you get me.


MaxWarn is 4

wCount reach 4 kicked

wCount continues to 8 kicked again you get my point.

I don't want a extra table for this. but if I need it then
I take it, but not before some help.



modulo.. remainder after division
if mod(wCount, MaxWarn) == 0 then ..


thx Tezlo gonna try

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