Blocking downloads by nick


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Blocking downloads by nick

Started by satya, 20 July, 2008, 14:18:25

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Hey Mutor rem this??

Quote from: Mutor on 29 June, 2008, 14:09:59
Direct Connect Protocol does not rule for or against anyone.
It simply is what it is. A brief study of same will show that
these request are possible or not.
  Download Example:
   Client <-> Client Communication in DC. 11-05-2002. By aDe
   D = downloader
   U = uploader
   H = hub
   D>H: $ConnectToMe <U's username> <D's IP and port>|
   H>U: $ConnectToMe <U's username> <D's IP and port>|
   U>D: Connection
   U>D: $MyNick <U's nick>|$Lock <new lock with pk>|
   D>U: $MyNick <D's nick>|$Lock <new lock with pk>|$Direction Download <anumber>|$Key <key for U's lock>|
   U>D: $Key <key for D's lock>|
   D>U: $Get <filepath + filename in exact case>$<start at byte (1=beginning of file)>|
   U>D: $FileLength <length of the requested file>|
   D>U: $Send|
   U>D: Data, in many chunks.
   D>U: $Send|

You see, the hub only hands the request to the client.
The hub takes no part in the transfer after that.
It does not know anything about the 'would be' transfer.
This is why it's called Direct Connect.

So last time u told me dat a HUB just connect one client to another, so we can prevent a client from gettin connect to

suppose i want to block a nick from dldin or searchin
wen a request for connection comes in the hub wud check for the nick if its the blocked it wont connect

this is wat i want to do

can u help me with this.

thanks a lot

Eyes says everything,
Its on you how u read em...


This belongs to where I have moved it. Also I have given the topic an informative title. Please create topics in the right places with informative titles in the future. Thank you.
Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning.

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