DC Global Banlist


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DC Global Banlist

Started by ruler, 13 August, 2008, 20:54:28

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***** DCHubAd Presents the new DC Global Banlist *****

Fed up with the usual leechers, fakers, spammers, pedo's, hub hackers or anti-p2p agencies?
Then why not try our blocklists which help to protect any hub or general DC user. We have a
team of dedicated people keeping our blocklists up to date with the latest unwanted IP's so
if this is of interest to you then follow the link DC Global Banlist

Even though our blocklist project is new our lists are already being used by many people over DC. We have taken great care to make sure that only repeat offenders are being listed, We are also doing our best to make sure it is kept fair and honist. Only a few carefully selected individuals have access to submit or remove IPs from our lists and those people are either hublist owners/admins or network owners and some hub owners but our rules on adding IPs are reletively strict to keep it fair for everyone.

We like to think we are doing our best to help cleanup DC and contribute something to the community.


The Direct Connect Global Banlist get protected.


Nice idea but the abuse level on this project is too high who to say who ends up in the list or not and on what ground


yup i agree with that but its better to do something than sit and do nothing. our rules for listing IPs are pretty strict and we will be diplomatic with anyone who ends up on the list as we intend to keep it as fair as posible for all. There are a lot of people who are not too sure about the idea and there are many who are all for it so we created the lists anyway and leave it up to those who wish to use them.
i sure know i will be using the lists myself and from looking at our logs it seems a few hundred others are also using them already. its only a demo run for 12 months to see how it goes. who knows it might work for the best

The Direct Connect Global Banlist get protected.


It is a good ide i have it too hehe

But have not the time to it :(

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