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Ignore users

Started by Creative, 07 January, 2007, 20:03:51

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Is there any script by which we can ignore users?? like if i wanna ignore a user 'Super' thn by typing +ignore Super, he cant write anything in pm and whenever he writes anything in pm, he will get a msg tht "You are being ignored by this user". And not only OPs but users can also ignore users if they want.

I know there is one option in Strong dc for ignore user, but after ignoring, tht user doesnt comes to know tht he has been ignored......... so i wanted separate script........ Scripters, plz try to make such a script.


If there is chat on dc it's for a good reason, if you want ignore somebody then better don't read your pm, faster and it's an economy of time for scripters/you


Indeed, although such scripts already exist, although it they might require minor mods to suit you Swapy.
Ignorance is Bliss.



In every scriptable client it is a base script, which you can find on the scripts folder. Load it with /luafile ignore.lua if it's not enabled in the startup.lua, then use /help command to see how it works.

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