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Started by cyon, 17 January, 2012, 10:06:01

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we run a Big lan and use Ptokax Hub..

I am Looking for a program that can look on the network to see what is Downloaded the most and add it to the download list and after that starts to hash and upload the file so that the users can easy to download the file and faster... 

Please Help if there is that type of software....



it seems you have misunderstood the praxis and meaning of "Direct Connect". So let me try and shed some light for you...

The Hub has no idea what is downloaded and what not as the Hub is only a "meeting point" where the clients meet, the downloading as such is done directly "client to client" and has nothing to do with the hub itself.
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Indeed, there are scripts that may allow you to see what people search, not necessarily what they download.

Although this could be theoretically possible (at least partially), using a client side script, linked to hub script, in some "strange" way.

The only issue with this particular solution would be that all compatible clients need to have the script, and I'm not sure a client side program allows a user so much control.
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Thanks For the MSG

I'm not looking for the HUB to do the Work. NO. I am looking for a Software that can do it. 



That program may fall under the definition of spyware, unless the users voluntarily installed it.

That's why i suggested that it may work as a client side script.
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