PtokaX released...


29 December 2022 - PtokaX (20th anniversary edition) released...
11 April 2017 - PtokaX released...
8 April 2015 Anti child and anti pedo pr0n scripts are not allowed anymore on this board!
28 September 2015 - PtokaX for Windows 10 IoT released...
3 September 2015 - PtokaX released...
16 August 2015 - PtokaX released...
1 August 2015 - Crowdfunding for ADC protocol support in PtokaX ended. Clearly nobody want ADC support...
30 June 2015 - PtokaX released...
30 April 2015 Crowdfunding for ADC protocol support in PtokaX
26 April 2015 New support hub!
20 February 2015 - PtokaX released...
13 April 2014 - PtokaX released...
23 March 2014 - PtokaX testing version build 454 is available.
04 March 2014 - sites were temporary down because of DDOS attacks and issues with hosting service provider.

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PtokaX released...

Started by PPK, 11 December, 2013, 21:22:02

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New PtokaX is here. It is only minor update with bug fixes and few improvements.

Win32 GUI with Lua 5.2.3
Win64 GUI with Lua 5.2.3
Win32 service/console with Lua 5.2.3
Win64 service/console with Lua 5.2.3

Win32 GUI with Lua 5.1.5
Win64 GUI with Lua 5.1.5
Win32 service/console with Lua 5.1.5
Win64 service/console with Lua 5.1.5

UniX source (was tested on Linux/FreeBSD/Haiku)

Quote from: Full changelog...
Added: White space characters (ascii chars below 32) are not allowed in nicks anymore.
Added: Option to store passwords for registered users as hashes.
Added: Registered users autosave after every 100 regs changes and every 15 minutes when regs change.
Added: AddTimer(iTimerInterval, fFunction) to Lua api.
Added: ProfMan.RemoveProfile in Lua api now accept profile number as param.
Added: Error message on script error now contains traceback, when available.
Fixed: IpToCountry for IPv4 ignored first and last ip in country range (thx Alexey and alex82 for report).
Fixed: Crash in windows version when script send some global data as reaction to chat without blocking it (thx Alexey for report).
Fixed: Wrong chat lines order when multiple messages was received in one loop and script send global data reply for one of them.
Fixed: On hub bot nick change old bot was not removed from userlist (thx Alexey for report).
Fixed: Few other issues related to hub bot nick and info changes.
Fixed: Issues related to OpChat bot nick and info changes.
Fixed: 64bit windoze build was limited to only 2 GB of memory.
Fixed: Lua float/integer types for better performance with Lua 5.3.
Fixed: Issues with signals on unix (thx dmvn for report).
Fixed: Broken text input boxes in settings window in some cases.
Fixed: Never ending loop on reading of registered users file longer than 128 kB (thx dmvn for report).

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I've tested my issues noticed some time ago, works fine. Thanks for release!

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