DarkClerk v1.1.0 Lua 5.0 Edition


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DarkClerk v1.1.0 Lua 5.0 Edition

Started by Rincewind, 09 July, 2006, 12:24:04

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DarkClerk v1.1.0 Lua 5.0 Edition is now available for download


Among the changes in this version are;
         Rules by Profile (set min share, max share, max hubs and other functionality by profile)
         Kick VIPs (without a new profile)

and much, much more. Read the changelog on the download page for full details of what is available in

this new version.


Does this version have to be installed over the earlier version(s)?

Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!!


Hey vmon,

This version would best be a fresh install as trhere are significant changes to the Settings.ini plus a few extra setup files. Unfortunately, as it has grown over the weeks I cannot remember what it is that I have added to the settings so can't just say "add this...".

To take advantage of all the new stuff its a case of removing what you have and starting the setup again. Maybe for the next version I can come up with an upgrade process.


Rincewind, thanks for the quick reply; as I am having trouble with Robo (you replied to my post in another sub-forum), I think I may just go with this one.  Wish me luck!!



Love your script...have spent the last hour or so playing with it.  This will be the only one I need :D

Great job!!!!!!!



Nice to see another convert  ;D

Any new features you'd like to see and which would improve the script let me know and I'll see about adding them to a future version.


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